Keto Chicken Salad

Not that chicken salad is complicated-far from it really; it’s what you like so you can’t go wrong.  It rewarding to know with simple ingredients you can have a delicious light meal within minutes or go all out and get complex with multiple layers of flavor and that works too.  I say keto here because chicken salad is easy with store bought mayo and adding a dash of sugar in some way shape or form and some even make it more of a meal by adding pasta…yep that used to be me so no judgment here: you are safe!  I use my basic keto mayo (that I added a bit of organic Dijon mustard) and some white balsamic vinegar to give it tang and a hint of sweetness and that’s basically the dressing-oh and as my husband would say “don’t forget the salt and pepper” and that’s where we leave it and I get the Fred thumbs up…again it feels good to be a winner…even if it only takes S&P to do it 😉  I remember years ago I said I would never “ever” eat chicken salad and now here I am 40+ years wiser and having it for breakfast…life Read More