Dog Blog 17

I’ve never been to an airport and obviously have never been on a plane; I often wonder do humans really feel bliss and content exulation to be that far away from their homes? All dogs lament and say “did you ever think our lives would turn out like this?” It’s a question we all ask, but among sorrow, beauty and grace also emerges.  Sometimes on my walks I stop to contemplate the sky and watch what the clouds are up to.  Humans and dogs share the same replica perceptions but dogs view the blue yonder very differently.  We have great noses; even on a sad rainy day we smell the distinctive perfume of our surroundings and we smile.  Our grasp and view of life is prudent.  Emotion is a more powerful force than logic and survival is our most important judgment question.  We are shackled to the past and we are strained like the timbers of an ancient rolling ship, we will never pilot the existence of our future.


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