Dog Blog 18

Sometimes I pretend to be asleep when I’m not.  We have a lot of parties at our house with a lot of people and so I hear a lot of cacophonous chattering.  Most of the conversations are sullen and desultory where meaning play hide & seek.  I notice that most humans are intricate puzzles that speak in contradictions and that no one ever knows another completely; at one point every human being will disappoint another; but total control is an illusion.  The choices they make, the exemplary and the most vile exposes life’s tragic truths.  Like a blinking light house warning us of the shores of life, people struggle to make good decisions.  After all of that anguish, I need Wendy to get a new therapeutic dog coach from L.L. Bean so I can curl up with someone to watch “The Game of Thrones”.  Like dinosaurs and flying dragons I need an aspiration to occupy an outside place in my imagination.  As always, I am “yin” to your “yang”.


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