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William Shakespeare died today April 23rd in 1616.  He remains as celebrated as ever.  There was no dismay or appall when he was laid to rest in the Holy Trinity church in Stratford.  So Sad.  Shakespeare was a true genius who left his mark everywhere.  His words are a lucid and immortalized part of us; and when we all die and evaporate they will always continue to survive.  It reminds me of my early days when I was a puppy living in a kennel.  One of my keepers told me that if you give a thousand typewriters to a thousand monkey’s they would eventually write Shakespeare.  I didn’t believe that; what monkey is going to know Shakespeare’s address?   I apologize for this putrid fallacious old joke (my bad).  I like to watch golfers outside my window on the Prestwick course.  Their stationary carts shinning brightly against the darkness of the trees.  A long line of agile and energetic ladies and gents dressed in an intermix of homogenized and sometimes in a gaucherie array of multitudinous and sundry colors.  Their fully equipped vehicles stuffed with every club imaginable, stretching to eternal infinity.


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