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We listen to a lot of cable news at our house.  I can actually tell the different speech patterns of Anderson Cooper, Bill O’Reilly and Rachel Maddow.  Right now CNN is on, Wolf Blitzer is chitchatting about the demise and bereavement of Prince and his melodic music.  He also said, and I quote “All of us of course remember ‘Purple Haze’ and what that did for the world of music” Wrong Wolf, that was Jimi Henedrix over 50 years ago.  Then Wolf bellowed about one of his favorite subjects; bathrooms!  What sex should use what restroom.  Dogs find this hilarious and somewhat perplexing; we go everywhere.  We all do it, it’s no big deal.  Humans should for once follow our lead.  When they travel they go into a building, then a room, then a stall and then they lock the door for solidary secluded confinement.  Someone has to break this silly mold.  Someone who is audacious and fearless.  A simple solution; just go outside and let it rip!


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