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Over 10,000 years ago my ancestors were wolves, striving to flourish and survive.  Life was rigid, complicated and cruel.  Always fighting, always hungry and always on the move.  Eventually some of my ancient brothers and sisters grew tired of their wretched lives.  It was time for a new theory and view point.  They knew about the maladaptive  gullibility of humans ,they were aware that they could easily be deceived , like a Venus flytrap they knew instinctively how to suck you in.  They hatched a plan,they decided to be subservient to the humans.  It was the first true welfare system in history.  We got free food, shelter, a lenient carefree lifestyle and the Westmisnister Dog Show.  In return we have to wag our tails, get pats of our heads and get called “good boy” or “good girl”; not a bad trade off.  I often wonder what life would be like if horses were domesticated rather then us dogs? Wendy’s Carrot and Sugar Cube Bill would be enormous, sleeping arrangements would be bizarre and she would have to take a huge poop bag on her daily Prestwick horse walks.


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