Getting Started


I love to cook!

 …and I always have and not just cook but cook from scratch whenever-wherever and that’s me in a nut shell.  I read about food, watch shows about food, dream about food, research about food and of course I love to cook with food.  I believe I spend more time on the subject of food then just about anything else and if there is time I will dig a little more (I still cannot understand why people do not sit down and read a cookbook cover to cover~now come on we are talking excitement people).  I talk with the specialists, the nutritionists and pretty much anyone who will listen (or forced) on the subject of food and I never really bump into people in my circle who seem to be as interested as I  on the matter.


I became grain free, low carb, and low sugar in May of 2013 and I have yet to  look back, actually I think I am getting worse with regards to my food/cooking intrigue and you know what?  I love it.

I have taken it upon myself to update my old family recipes and remove grains and modify the carb and sugar content.  I have spent countless hours and lots of $$$ on grain free recipes that simply do not work for one reason or another.  So, I implore you to look over these recipes and try them with confidence and let me be the one to experiment and if you have a question about a recipe or want me to convert your family favorite-bring it on, I love a good challenge.

So bon appetite and let’s dig in!


When and wherever I use only 100%grass fed beef (and yes you have to ask~just because it says “grass fed” does not mean from life to death), I use organic non GMO vegetables and the little amount of fruit that I do use.


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