Getting Started~in my opinion

It was just about three years ago that I went down this path of a ketogenic lifestyle.  And I must say I tend to keep to myself with regards to promoting “diets” as these are serious choices that do need to be monitored by your physician. 

I was seeing a family doctor and when my needs were not being met to my satisfaction I sought out the guidance of a holistic based practice and their combined knowledge with what I myself began to understand- I knew I was at a place that was right for me.  A high fat, low carb moderate protein diet is new to many practicing physicians and yet it is what we are suppose to eat it was what we were designed to eat.  I quickly learned that I was gaining insight to an area that goes against the conventional education in our medical institutions.  But let me say and STRESS that I do what works for me; I personally feel the results of my choices and those feelings are more important to me then a quick 15 minute consult with my doctor only to receive a prescription that may or may not work only to repeat the cycle again.  Please do not misunderstand me; I do believe in seeking medical attention from my M.D. and my D.O. but I take a greater appreciation in my body and what goes in it then ever before.  I walk everyday-nothing crazy but anywhere from 3-5 miles and let me tell you, listening to lectures from those who are highly regarded in the medical community on the subject of ketosis is mind blowing and I will share the lectures I listen to and you decide for yourself if you wish to ‘walk’  down the road less traveled.


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