Grilled Leek & Zucchini Salad

Last night I grilled some zucchini along with some leeks~tossed them in a simple lemon dressing and it was bang on!!  The flavors work and it makes for a great meal on its own or as a welcome addition to any dinner table…great for entertaining too.  Enjoy!!

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Grilled Leek & Zucchini Salad
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  • 3 small organic zucchini~cut lengthwise
  • 2 organic leeks~the white section only pretty much~cut lengthwise and rinsed clean and patted dry…these suckers are sandy/dirty
  • 1 cup raw organic walnuts
  • 1/2 freshly shaved parmesan cheese
  • Juice from one organic lemon
  • Celtic Sea Salt
  • Fresh Cracked Black Pepper
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil


  1. Set your grill pan over medium high heat and let it come up to temperature. 
  2. Take your zucchini and leeks and brush them with olive oil, season with salt and pepper. 
  3. Place cut side down on your grill and let go for about 3 minutes, turn about 45 degrees and let go about 3 more (at this point I turn off the grill pan and I leave them on as I prep everything else. 
  4. Meanwhile in a small dry fry pan set over medium low heat toss in your walnuts and toast them gently being mindful to keep them moving so they do not burn…which can happen faster you think.  
  5. Transfer to a pretty dish…because I do think it makes a difference and add your nicely grilled veggies that you cut into thirds or bite size pieces. 
  6. Add your lemon juice, a drizzle of olive oil and parmesan cheese (I like big shreds of the cheese here…it looks the part of a great salad).


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