Recipe for Jicama Fries

Jicama Fries

I gave up potatoes two years ago and I have to admit I do miss them but I also miss the convenience of them~I must have used potatoes several times a week from scalloped, mashed, baked and fried! So I have concluded I am not trying to replicate the spud dishes but rather find new veggie sides that replace the void on the plate.  Jicama is a root but not as high in carbs as others and pretty versatile in use and its neutral flavor lends well to other ingredients you may be working with.  So eat them raw, baked or fried and Enjoy!!

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Jicama Fries
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  • 1 large organic jicama~peeled and sliced
  • 1-1/2 cups of fat~I used a combination of ghee and bacon fat in this recipe
  • generous amount of sea salt and freshly cracked black pepper.
  • a handful of parmesan cheese to sprinkle over your fries
  • ***in place of parmesan I have used a spice blend of: garlic powder, onion powder and ancho chili powder to make spicy fries and it’s just as good…not sure which I like better come to think about it


  1. First thing: salt and pepper your sliced jicama. 
  2. In a small fry pan over medium heat I add my fat and sliced jicama~now I know what you are thinking about adding the jicama to the fat before it gets to temperature but in this case I go about it my way and forget conventional wisdom.  Jicama is not a potato and will still retain a bit of firmness but that is greatly reduced when it is allowed to cook in the fat longer; if the fat was already up to temp you would burn your jicama before it would even get the chance to soften.   *You could toss them in a bowl with a bit of water, cover and microwave for about 15 minutes and then fry them but it is quicker just to throw them in the pan at the beginning. 
  3. As the fat begins to get hotter keep an eye on the jicama making sure to continuously flip and stir so all the sides get golden brown. 
  4. The whole process should take around 20-25 minutes. 
  5. Using a slotted spoon remove the fries from the pan to a cooling rack set over a rimmed baking sheet, add a touch more salt and parmesan cheese.  So good!


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