Margarita’s are my go to, I like that they are fresh,juicy and filled with no added sugar or  some mix containing HFCS~yucko.  I love being in the kitchen so the idea of squeezing my own selected organic fruit, and straining into a shaker going through the whole bit but I love it~there is just something so satisfying. So truly- find your passion and savor the whole process; until then here is mine: Cheers!!

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  • 2 organic oranges (navel or Valencia are good)
  • 2-3 organic limes
  • 1/4 triple sec
  • 1/2 your favorite tequila
  • margarita salt (kosher)


  1. This really is just another assembly of simple but good ingredients.  I first will zest my fruit and combine it with the salt-set aside. 
  2. Next juice your citrus and depending on how sweet or sour you like it will determine the ratio of orange to lime.  I usually do 2 oranges to three limes and that gives me a good punch of what an authentic margarita is all about. 
  3. Strain your juice and in a shaker add your ice triple sec, tequila and juice and give a good shake to put a chill on it. 
  4. Next take your glass of choice and run the rim with your “mix” or water then dip it into your zest/salt mixture. 
  5. Add crushed ice pour on your spirits and relax!


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