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“The Odd Couple” Beet & Mushroom Salad

Now I know what you are thinking~I know because I would have thought the same thing:beet and mushrooms-nonsense “she is way outa line this time”…but just give me a second here.  There is something magical when you have fresh beets smothered in vinegar (oh yes I said it…vinegar) and fresh sautéed mushrooms (pause to digest…) now I am pretty sure I am an expert in this area and no one else-“why” you say well I am probably the only person ever who would put these together and  create a masterpiece.  I must admit you have to like all these ingredients to appreciate this salad and I know this because my husband hates beets and does not share in the love of the fungi and I am pretty certain if it was his last meal he would push the beets to the side, scrape off the mushrooms and drain any vinegar that might have accumulated at the bottom of the bowl and nibble on the poor naked romaine   But not me and I am sure not some of you foodie’s out there; so without patting my self on the back one more second…Enjoy!!

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“The Odd Couple” Beet & Mushroom Salad
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  • Sliced red and/or gold beets~that have been boiled and stored in distilled white vinegar (for a least a day)
  • 8 oz fresh mushrooms ~wiped clean and sliced (I use baby mushrooms, cremini, shitake)
  • 1/4 cup goat butter (salted)
  • 1 head romaine


  1. Now the hardest part of this recipe is making the beets so if you already have them prepared and on hand this is more of just an assembly of ingredients.  In a medium skillet I melt the butter and add mushrooms and toss to coat
  2. Give a hearty pinch of salt and some good cranks of fresh cracked ground pepper (the salt and pepper are important here; now it’s important to cater to your liking but the S&P will be part of your dressing. 
  3. Cook your mushrooms over medium high heat and being very careful to not burn your butter let them cook until golden brown; about 10 minutes. 
  4. Meanwhile wash and spin your romaine leaves; chop up and throw in a bowl. 
  5. After about 10 minutes add your warm mushrooms in butter sauce to the romaine and top off with sliced beets. 
  6. I will have this salad with a piece of fish (as I did night after night after night for 10 days; and I still looked forward to dinner every night during my LEAP program)


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7 Day Meal Plan

Day 5, Lunch


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