I  have come to appreciate some people in the professional research ~paleo~low carb industry that have provided me with some good insight; I always want to share what I have learned and the following links I hope you find as inspirational as well as educational:




Dr. David Getoff

~ his website has been just a terrific source of information from cholesterol, the truth about sugar and even the facts regarding raw milk.  To say he is knowledgeable with regards to the subject of health and healing is an understatement; he points you in the best direction for more information if you find the subject matter important to you.  I am a member of the Weston Price Foundation a non profit organization that dives into the area of nutrition with endless amounts of resources for you to further investigate for yourself.



Nora Gedgaudas

is by far so knowledgeable in the area of starches and fructose and why we should eliminate them from our diet.  I appreciate her passion of research and how the research is conducted and she draws her own personal conclusions with an open mind.

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